How To Survive Long Periods of Awful Weather

You know, sometimes you move to a place that doesn’t have the nicest of weather. Here in the UK, we love to complain about the rain. And it does rain a lot. In November, it rained for one week straight and my seminar tutor told me not to expect the sun again until at least February. Jokes about the 2-day summer and never ending winter are part of everyday small talk. The truth of the matter is that there are sunny days…or, at least, sunny parts of days, every once in a while. However, the drizzle can be depressing. So I’ve been working on a list of ways to deal with inclement weather.  Did you know that there are many activities that are enhanced by gloom and drizzle? For example, snuggling on a couch under a fuzzy blanket with a cup of tea just isn’t much fun when there are blue skies outside. I feel guilty when I sit around and read books in bed when the weather is nice. However, when it is raining I can enjoy those types of activities to their fullest extent. So you see, here are a few ways to take advantage of rain:

Tea and Digestives

There is nothing like a cuppa and a digestive when it is gloomy outside. For best results, invite a friend over to pray or chat with in the kitchen.

Invest in Proper Gear 

Umbrellas are nice inventions, but if you are going to use one buy a high quality one . Why? Because rain, at least around here, is often accompanied by great winds. During the first few weeks of campus, I kept seeing rubbish bins (trash cans) stuffed to the brim with broken umbrellas. Because I am absolutely rubbish at dealing with umbrellas, I’ve found that rain coats are actually much less hassle. Investing in a high quality raincoat 
was the best advice anyone gave me before moving to Wales.

Make Cozy Sweater Shopping a Guilty Pleasure

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is charity shopping for big chunky sweaters. Did you know that cold weather fashion is some of the cutest and most flattering? If it is going to rain a lot, you may as well make it a project to look good in the rain.

Take Your Sunshine in a Pill

When I first got here my immune system and mood took quite a hit. A friend mentioned to me that many people who move to the UK from sunnier places experience the same issue. She advised me to start taking Vitamin D supplements to make up for the lack of sunshine. It has helped me a lot.

Find Your Favorite Indoor Activities 

Baking, reading, writing, and movie watching in homemade tents were my favorite rainy day activities growing up. Nowadays I just like sitting by the window watching and listening to the rain as I text friends at home or work on editing my novel. Find your own personal favorite rainy day activity and then you’ll have something to look forward to everytime you wake up and see gray in the sky.

Remember How Lucky You Are

There are pros and cons to every place and every adventure. If the weather, or some other inconvenience about your new home, gets you down, remember to think positive. On rainy days I like to remind myself that a little rain is okay if it means living in the country with:

A. The most castles per a square mile

B. A language that is pretty much real life Elvish

C. Four times more sheep than people.

And there you have it, my advice for dealing with inclement weather in Wales or anywhere else in the world.

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