My Thoughts on La La Land

A couple weeks ago my best friend took me to see her favorite new movie, La La Land. I had heard that it was pretty great. In fact, my friend took me out for coffee beforehand to give me the whole schpeel on the colours, costumes, cinematography, live singing, one-take scenes, authentic Ryan Gosling piano playing and Emma Stone singing, and all other bits and bobs, just to make sure I appreciated it as much as I ought.

Naturally, I was expecting it to be pretty good. However, I wasn’t expecting it to be one of those punch-you-right-between-the-eyes kinda films.

Here are a few candid thoughts from my journal the night I watched it:

“How cynical have I become? I used to be a dreamer. I would have been able to relate to the characters in the story, the hopelessly passionate dreamers of our world. But I am disillusioned.

*censored personal rantage*

…I do sympathise with dreamers, but I also resent them. Things just don’t go the way we plan as kids. Everyone must learn to compromise.”


On the one hand, it is sad to watch a movie and realize that while a couple of years ago I could have put myself in the shoes of the characters to dance about, I have somehow become too cynical and unromantic now.

On the other hand, I am not at all tempted to change my ways. I am pretty much satisfied with being practical. This is how things have to be (for now at least).


By far my favorite scene/song in the film.


Another thing the movie made me think about (and this is a bit more of a spoiler, so read ahead with caution) is all the could-have-been’s in life. It is a scary reality that every day we make choices that affect our entire lives. When we pursue one dream, we often (be it knowingly or unknowingly) leave another in the dust.

Okay, so enough personal mumbo-jumbo.

Can we talk about the music? Can we talk about how lil sis and I are going to spend the next few months digesting and regurgitating the entire soundtrack? Because it is epic.

I love musicals and am thankful that La La Land brought a traditional musical to the big screen. For that reason, I can forgive the film for leaving me a wet soggy broken mess unable to stop crying through the entirety of the credits.

Have you seen La La Land yet? What did you think?

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