Just in case this is any consolation –

     We’ve grown up in a confusing world. We try to make sense of this place by absorbing information from t.v. shows, parents, and other questionable sources. Throughout Pre-K and elementary school we are drilled with information; only to reach highschool and find out our deepest most profund beliefs are simply not true anymore.

For example:

They told us that one equals one. The End. Pretty simple huh? And then you get into advanced math and they tell you that 9.999999… equals 1. Seriously.

And then they told us that an atom was the smallest thing ever.
And then they changed their mind “actually…”

and then they told us coconut trees look like this –
coconut tree clipart
and I go to Hawaii and find out how wrong that is.

Finally – They tell us about  nine planets. Nine beautiful planets.
And we do the puzzles and I sing the songs and we memorize those nine planets.
“Tricked YAH!”
Pluto isn’t a planet after all.

Okay, so this may have happened in 6 years ago –
but for those of us who have still not quite gotten over it,
particularly for those of us whose favorite planet happened to get chopped,
and for those of us who still hold a grudge since they can’t rightly sing
the cute little planet song anymore –

I hope this helps.

The Verdict: Watching semi-educational videos is a great procrastination technique. For those interested – this guys videos on the composition of the UK, Electoral College, and City of London are pretty good. 

Author: Susanna

I'm Susanna, a 20-year-old Christian girl incorrigibly addicted spontaneous adventures. My first dream was to become a pioneer. Unfortunately, I was born a couple centuries late, so I've decided to read, cook, run, and travel the world until my time machine is finished. You'll mostly likely find me getting into trouble and/or eating licorice. I am currently blogging the misadventures of a middle-school teacher in training. Come join me on my quest to become the next Ms. Frizzle!

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