Brace yourselves.

  Great things may be coming.

             This blog is an experiment. Hopefully you’ve come to that conclusion by now. I don’t really know what I am doing, so please bear with me as I fumble around searching for my Internet niche. The next part of this experiment is exciting, it is when I finally realize that I do not specialize in ranting about life. Life rants are only interesting when you are willing to post the juicy gruesome details on the Internet for all to see. I am not willing to do that ( nor am I any good at it ).
     That means this blog is going in a different direction. Feel free to abandon my adventure if you so please. But I am really excited about this. I may not be posting my inner feelings for the world to coo over, but I still have a lot to say, some of which you may find interesting.
     My life this year has been overwhelmingly interesting. Seriously, this year has been an experience. Not necessarily a good experience, not necessarily a bad experience, but most certainly an experience.
    On my journey I discover new things. Things I find interesting and pertinent, things I want to stand on a clementine box and shout out to the whole world. But since that may be considered slightly obnoxious, and because it will not help me practice my writing skills, I have decided to post these amazing finds here instead. Thus the birthing of two new features on this blog.

        Expect a forthcoming plethora of nerd files! A place where I can freely share extremely interesting (IMHO) facts I discover in school and life. Gems of little known information that everyone should know.
   And because I am a advocate of balance, and because I am an extremely practiced expert in the field- I shall also be presenting *drum roll please* procrostination department. You can expect pictures, ideas, games, thoughts, and glorious YouTube finds. In other words this may become the place to be when your supposed to be somewhere else.

                   Here goes nothing –

Author: Susanna

I'm Susanna, a 20-year-old Christian girl incorrigibly addicted spontaneous adventures. My first dream was to become a pioneer. Unfortunately, I was born a couple centuries late, so I've decided to read, cook, run, and travel the world until my time machine is finished. You'll mostly likely find me getting into trouble and/or eating licorice. I am currently blogging the misadventures of a middle-school teacher in training. Come join me on my quest to become the next Ms. Frizzle!

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