Summer is icumen in, loudly sings cuckoo…

      Well eleventh grade is finished. I’m alive on the other side. Hallelujah. I’d like to say that this post finds me a wildly different person then I was three months ago, but that would sound rather sentimental, and I’m not really in a sentimental mood. So let’s say instead ( and indeed it may be more accurate) that I haven’t changed much in this blog interim, and yet I have had the opportunity to learn a whole bunk about who I already was. It has been an interesting discovery. For example, I’ve learned:

  • I’m not a math hater. I didn’t understand math, I was scared of it, I was intimidated, I was ignorant. Math (contrary to my former beliefs) is not the devil. In fact it can be used to do rather amazing things. I thought I’d drop math at the first opportunity in college and never look back, well I am beginning to reconsider…
 “So… this is awkward. I umm, I’ve encountered you but I don’t really know you and I’ve always hated you.”
“Well actually I’m a pretty nobel guy ( if I do say so myself), let’s get acquainted.” 
“Huh, yeah. Umm – I’m sorry for being so mean to you before… I was like kinda prejudiced, you know?”
“Of course I know, it happens often. Not so much because I am mean, cruel, or unnecessary – I just have not the talent which some people possess of conversing easily with those I have never met…”
“Haven’t I heard that somewhere before?” 
“I admit, I quote another deeply misunderstood person – a certain Mr. Darcy”
“Math! I certainly have misjudged you, but that doesn’t make you a gentleman!” 

Enough with that silliness. I am in a silly mood – obviously. 
  • I am content. Woooooow. That is a big deal… for me. I discovered that I don’t have to try to be like everybody else, I don’t even have to toil and sweat and wimper selfishly everyday because I hate myself or because I’m not good enough. Number one: God made me the way he wants me, and I have given myself fully over to Him. Number two: I’ve always dreaded being average, normal, humdrum – so why was I working so hard to conform to some expectation of society? Anyways… this topic is prone to becoming either excessively sappy or dully philosophical, let’s just leave it like this: being content with the life God gave me has made me really really happy. 

So that’s about it for the update. Hopefully summer will enable me to continue posting with an updated quality: videos, pictures, moderately interesting stuff, funny stories, things to remember, and maybe a few mini ramblings sprinkled in here and there. 

Stuff to expect over the next few weeks: 

  • The best time wasting tool in the history of ever – otherwise known as the funniest youtube channel I’ve ever encountered. Be prepared. 
  • Mini min exploration rants – no, the brain hasn’t turned off for summer. In fact my physics, astronomy, geography, and literature quests have left me with a few too many things to ponder… I will attempt to constrain myself. 
  • Thoughts on college – and advise from those far wiser then I. 
  • Great internet findings
  • Your summer reading list. Yes I did say YOUR summer reading list. 

Author: Susanna

I'm Susanna, a 20-year-old Christian girl incorrigibly addicted spontaneous adventures. My first dream was to become a pioneer. Unfortunately, I was born a couple centuries late, so I've decided to read, cook, run, and travel the world until my time machine is finished. You'll mostly likely find me getting into trouble and/or eating licorice. I am currently blogging the misadventures of a middle-school teacher in training. Come join me on my quest to become the next Ms. Frizzle!

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