Overnight babysitting and a possible threat.

Ever heard of hair chalk? Yeah. I am seriously considering it. Not that my life needs any extra pizaz. This week I spend my time researching UK universities, scholarships, and potential jobs. Plus I had a chance to try my hand at overnight babysitting with some of my favorite people in the world. 

Introducing, my favorite. I know. It isn’t nice to have favorites. I am not a nice person. 

What a priviledge. I was getting discouraged on Friday since in an entire morning I got all of one half of an email checked of my to do list. Then I realized that I also managed to keep six kids alive and fed. Life of a mom I guess. I’m not sure I would be able to stay sane. 
There are certainly perks to the job though. In the middle of the night a little boy woke up from a bad dream and tugged on my foot. The sinking of my heart upon realizing that I wasn’t going to get the sleep I needed was compensated for by the joyous realization that someone really needed me. On the one hand, chilling with a crying baby isn’t the most desirable 3am activity. Yet as I rooted for sleep in the tug o war my little girl was playing, I couldn’t help but feel privileged that the game was taking place on my shoulder.

Author: Susanna

I'm Susanna, a 20-year-old Christian girl incorrigibly addicted spontaneous adventures. My first dream was to become a pioneer. Unfortunately, I was born a couple centuries late, so I've decided to read, cook, run, and travel the world until my time machine is finished. You'll mostly likely find me getting into trouble and/or eating licorice. I am currently blogging the misadventures of a middle-school teacher in training. Come join me on my quest to become the next Ms. Frizzle!

2 thoughts on “Overnight babysitting and a possible threat.”

  1. I've heard of hair chalk but I've never tried it…if you do it, you should share a picture! I'm thinking of getting a haircut…that's about as daring as I'll get this year! haha

    Way to go keeping 6 kids alive and fed!! Those pictures are adorable!


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