2015 Reading Challenge – Revelations of Divine Love

 As 2015 started, I decided I was going to dedicate myself to more online reading clubs and challenges. The first one I decided to do was Fanda Classic Lit’s Literary Movement Challenge. Basically, every month we read and analyze one book from a different period of classic literature. By the end of the year I will have read one book from 12 representative periods!
                                   January        Medieval
                                   February      Renaissance
                                   March           Enlightenment
                                   April             Romanticism
                                   May              Transcendentalism
                                   June             Victorian
                                   July              Realism
                                   August         Naturalism
                                   September   Existentialism
                                   October        Modernism
                                   November    The Beat Generation or The Bloomsbury Group
                                   December    : Post-Modernism

January was Medieval month. I decided to read Revelations of Divine Love by Julian of Norwich. I heard about it from my older brother, who, being the recovering history major that he is, decided to conduct a study of the medieval female spiritual mystics as a side hobby (you know cause that is a totally normal thing to do in your spare time).

I decided to read Revelations Of Divine Love because 1. It was written in the 14th century around the time of the plague. As I am currently writing historical fiction from the period, I thought it would be helpful to dive into a primary source about religious views and revelations from that time. 2. RODL is the first book in the English language to be written by a female.

Despite the archaic language, which was at times difficult to understand, I found RODL to be an enjoyable read. Even though Julian lived in a time of great turmoil in all classes and sectors of society, she does not address current events or political turmoil. Instead, she focuses on  her revelations of Jesus Christ and God’s love for all men. Her words are full of hope!

As a young child, Julian saw the black plague rampage her village of Norwich three times. Julian was struck with another illness at about the age of 30. After being saved from near death, she decided to focus her life on prayer and understanding the 16 revelations that she received during her time of weakness. In her book she spends 86 chapters describing her revelations in depth.

“All his revelation was shown in three ways, that is to say, by what I saw with my eyes, by words formed in my understanding and by spiritual insight. The spiritual insight I neither can nor may show as openly and fully as I would like to, but I trust in our Lord God Almighty that he shall, of his goodness and for your love, make you understand it more spiritually and sweetly than I can or may tell it.”

 Does Revelations of Divine Love fit the literary movement you have categorized it in?  Tell us your reason.

As medieval literature is focused mostly on spiritual issues, I believe that this work perfectly fits into the canon of the Medieval period. However, as the writer is an ordinary female with no formal religious training, it is still very unique.

Author: Susanna

I'm Susanna, a 20-year-old Christian girl incorrigibly addicted spontaneous adventures. My first dream was to become a pioneer. Unfortunately, I was born a couple centuries late, so I've decided to read, cook, run, and travel the world until my time machine is finished. You'll mostly likely find me getting into trouble and/or eating licorice. I am currently blogging the misadventures of a middle-school teacher in training. Come join me on my quest to become the next Ms. Frizzle!

11 thoughts on “2015 Reading Challenge – Revelations of Divine Love”

  1. That actually seems like a book I would read. It sounds interesting!
    I just wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog, a while back. I would have replied earlier and checked out your blog, but I just now got back to the blogging world. (:
    I have to admit I am absolutely jealous of your traveling experiences. I have always wanted to travel around the world. The farthest I have been is Canada, which I guess is kinda far seen as how I live in the south. Still though. Globetrotting is actually really fun, I tried it a couple of times with my family.
    Anywho, yeah. I followed, and I think your blog is really neat!


  2. You may like The Book of Margery Kempe and The Life of Saint Teresa of Ávila because of the similar topic – mysticism. Kempe is English and Saint Teresa was from Spain, and both were written between 1400s and 1500s.


  3. I admire you for doing a challenge like this! I think…I think I would just wither away. I'm so bad at reading books with actual substance in them. *sighs* Good luck with the challenge!!


  4. Wow, this looks so good! I have a strange obsession with the time of the black plague, so I would probably most likely enjoy this a lot. Great review! 🙂


  5. Not strange at all… well maybe a little strange… but I have the same obsession! I am actually writing a book set during that period right now, so I probably spend way too much time researching and imagining the times of the plague.


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