Crazy Teacher Ahead… Proceed With Caution

So, if you’ve been following the blog you know that I am currently obsessed with the idea of becoming a middle school teacher.

So far, all is going well. Yesterday I had interviews for a few different jobs. I am hoping to start work soon so that I can save to restart my schooling in September. I am homeschooling my younger siblings and building up my teacher notebook (there are so many great books for teachers to read y’all, I had to rehaul my reading list!). And I am looking for volunteer opportunities to get inside a middle school classroom ASAP (spy out the territory, ya know?).


In the midst of all that, I must admit I’ve revisited my childhood dream of becoming the next Ms. Frizzle. Do you guys remember Ms. Frizzle? The crazy redhead from the PBS TV program/book series The Magic School Bus. She took her students on field trips inside a digestive system and into outer space.



She was one of my original childhood role models. It was Ms. Frizzle and Carmen Sandiego… but let’s just go ahead and breeze over that second once, shall we?

Carmen Sandiego, a spy who got bored with work and turned into a super villain. She organized a crime ring to steal precious monuments, not for the money but to tease/test her former spy associates.

The idea that I could actually become a wacky and overly enthusiastic teacher is thrilling. In fact, long time ago I posted some photos of my new socks with this caption:

Someone told me that becoming a teacher is my destiny, like it or not. So I started my Miss Frizzle wardrobe:

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 08.53.06.png

One of my favorite things about the Magic School Bus books was that Ms. Frizzle would wear a costume at the end of the book, cluing readers into what the kids would be studying next time. For example, if the next book was to be about dinosaurs, she would wear a dress covered in dinos (#notsubtle). 

Now that a career in teaching is in my sights, I’ve been stepping up my teacher wardrobe game on Pinterest. Course, I don’t have the rocking confidence needed to pull off this look:



Perhaps I could modernize the concept! Here are a few ideas:


Quirky jewelry with an educational touch:




I may just have to get my ears pierced:


Nails with clues to what we are learning about next:

So there you have it, a few rambles inside the mind of a whacky teacher-in-training.

The Highlight of my Gap Year:

On really bad days when I wonder what in the world I am doing with my life and start to have doubts about this gap year thing, I remember my geography students and can’t help but smile again. 
This month we celebrated the Middle East. I learned so much and was impressed by the quality of each of my student’s presentations. It was definitely the best class yet. 
We also had an authentic Middle Eastern meal entirely catered by me and my students.

I GOT DOLMAS! My favorite food ever. Shhhh… I secretly consider their food as my payment for the class : )

After they had shared their presentations, boards, games, food, and crafts, I hosted a trivia game for our next unit on Northern Africa and a boys vs. girls kiffiyeh tying contest. The girls won:

Let me tell you, those kids know how to win my heart and make my day. After one of my last classes one little girl came up to me to notify me that she was having the best day ever. After this past class, one of my younger students marched up to me triumphantly and declared:

“I have my own geography class.”
“What?” I was quite obviously confused. “You have two geography classes?”
“Yup! I made my own for my sisters.”

He proceeded to explain to me how he had developed his own class as a game and assigned his younger siblings countries just the way I did. His sister little sister piped up,

“Yeah, he gave me Sudan.”

“Yes and I gave myself Egypt!” he added, quite proud of himself.

So apparently my students mimic my class during the month between celebration meetings. That was pretty much the best compliment I’ve ever recieved in my entire life. I think I want to be a teacher forever.