What I’m Writing


Lyddie would rather spend her days fashioning her hair into wild headdresses and imagining perfect princes than reaping grain and avoiding the town gossip. Yet Lyddie must face the fact that she is an enslaved peasant; nothing can change that. That is until a horrible curse closes in on her village.

Suddenly change comes all too fast as Lyddie is forced to leave the life of her ancestors behind with nothing but a stubborn pig to keep her company. Along her journey to survive, she discovers an abandoned castle where she meets a diverse cast of characters escaping the dreaded plague.

Lyddie must find the courage to face one of history’s greatest disasters by forming a new family with her strange company of friends. In a terrible time when many thought the world was ending and every certainty was turned on its head, Lyddie begins to wonder if anything, even her craziest dreams, could somehow come true if she can just manage to survive.

In Which I Introduce A Little Project Of Mine


 Her parents named her Nobody to ward off the evil spirits that killed her older brother, but Nobody doesn’t want to be nobody anymore. She dreams of leading her horse, Bukaa, to become the “Leader of 10,000” at the upcoming Nadaam festival.
When two strangers appear lost on the steppes that Nobody calls home, she is thrilled with the excitement they bring to her life. You see, until they came Nobody had thought that life was like the Mongolian sky: vast, beautiful, and unchanging. 
But far away in the city filled with monstrous factories and many other new evils, the communist government doesn’t want Nobody and her family to live like they always have. Maybe that is why even her solemn papa seems to be changing. Maybe that is why he is weary of her visitors though he has never turned down hospitality before. Maybe that is why she sees a new fear in his eyes.
When Nobody’s family traditions are tested by the communist’s  laws and threats, she must find the courage to fight for her ways. Even if that means leaving the only land she knows to chase down evil soldiers with only a hawk, a tiny boy, and hopefully some good luck to help her. She’ll fight the change whatever the cost, because losing her customs could mean losing her papa.